The world need not wait any longer – the Royal Wedding photos are here! Don’t they look absolutely beautiful?

Enjoy all of these photos, just scroll down – no clicking necessary!

Congratulations to William and Kate, the new Duke and Duchess of Cambridge.

More coming shortly!.

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With just two weeks left until the Royal Wedding, it’s time to do some rehearsing! Unfortunately, the groom, Prince William, could not make it to his own rehearsal as he was on duty at his Royal Air Force base in Anglesey, Wales.

Princess Kate, along with Prince Harry and several bridesmaids and pageboys did some practicing at the scene of the actual wedding: Westminster Abbey.

Kate’s maid of honor, Pippa Middleton, will soon be doing some rehearsing at Royal Mews, where the horses and carriages are kept.

After the one hour wedding ceremony, a procession of five carriages will leave Westminster Abbey carrying the wedding party:


  • William and Kate
  • The best man (Prince Harry), the bridesmaid (Kate’s sister, Pippa), along with the young pages and bridesmaids
  • The Queen and Prince Philip
  • Michael and Carole Middleton
  • Prince Charles and Camilla

Some of the bridesmaids are titled aristocracy as young as three years old! It should be interesting to watch if any of these adorable preschoolers make a mistake on April 29!

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William and Kate

What do you do when you have 1,900 guests attending your wedding, and every moment will be filmed by multiple TV cameras? You send all of your guests a 22-page etiquette book about how to behave at the wedding; and that’s exactly what the Royal Family just did!

Some of the rules are fairly standard: Don’t try to upstage the bride by wearing a white or cream dress. Keep your cell phones on silent.

In case you have not yet met the Queen, there are instructions for that, too: When Her Majesty enters or leaves, all guests must curtsy or bow. Do not offer your hand to the Queen; it is she who puts her hand out first. In conversation with the Queen, she is to be addressed directly as ma’am.

Men who are serving in the armed forces should don military attire. Other men shall wear a lounge or morning suit. Top hats must be carried, but not worn, inside of the church.

How to handle the masses of cutlery at your table setting? Start from the outside and move inward. Regarding the tea cups, only the cup — not the saucer — is to be lifted, and it must be returned to the saucer after each sip.

The catering staff has been given strict instructions to keep their heads down and not look at any of the royals while serving at the wedding; they must act as discreetly as possible.


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the royal wedding

The Royal Wedding of the century is just days away, and Kate Middleton has admitted to feeling nervous. Wouldn’t you feel just a tad anxious if you knew that over two billion (that’s billion with a ‘b’!) folks would be observing your every move? Yikes! We certainly can’t blame the bride for feeling a few butterflies fluttering around in her stomach.

The groom has also admitted that his knees were ‘tapping’ during a wedding rehearsal. Prince William was asked which part of the wedding made him feel the most nervous, and he responded, “the whole thing!”

Getting married is a very serious step to take, especially when it brings you in line to becoming the Queen of England! Every bride is entitled to feel some pre-wedding jitters, and when questioned about feeling nervous, Kate responded, “Of course I am!”

We wish William and Kate the very best on their wedding day, with all the blessings and good fortune in the world. We know that Princess Diana is looking down from Heaven and smiling on the bride and groom..

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The most famous motor vehicle accident in the history of the world claimed the life of Prince William’s mother and was the start of years of nightmares. “Pure terror,” is how William would describe the frightening dreams from which he would regularly wake up shaking and sweating.

In the dream, the paparazzi are chasing a beautiful princess in a speeding car. Yet the princess is not Diana, and the highways are not those of Paris. In William’s nightmare the photographers are pursuing the love of his life, Kate Middleton; and the streets are those of London.

During William and Kate’s nine year courtship, the Prince was reassured that his security detail would protect Kate when they were together. However, any time that Kate was away from William, she was preyed about by the insatiable British paparazzi. They would stalk her in the grocery store, pop out of alleys and bushes, and blind her with their flashes as she emerged from the gym.

If you have never experienced being hounded by a hundred photographers, it is difficult to imagine how daunting the experience can be. “It’s worse,” Princess Diana used to state, “than sexual abuse.”

For a while Prince Charles paid for a private security guard to protect Kate, however it was deemed either inappropriate or illegal for a member of the royal family to pay for the security detail of a commoner — no matter that she was the most famous girlfriend on the planet.

Scotland Yard spent over three years and enormous resources on Operation Paget, to determine the cause of Princess Diana’s death. In the end, the conclusion was as ordinary as it was obvious: the driver’s blood alcohol was three times the legal limit at the time that he drove Diana and her boyfriend, Dodi Fayed. However, Diana’s boys always blamed the “bloody paparazzi” for their mother’s death. It is a given that they would not have needed to be driving so fast had they not been trying to shake off the paparazzi who were trailing them in cars and motorcycles.

As we have poignantly shown in the Protect Princess Kate video, let us hope and pray that the media has learned its lesson, and that Princess Kate will be treated respectfully.

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Lifetime has just released the promotional trailer for their upcoming movie, William & Kate. The movie debuts on April 18, just one week prior to the April 29 royal wedding.

Will you be watching Lifetime’s William and Kate movie?

Doubtless, there will be millions of people tuning into the William and Kate movie. They will learn how Wills and Kate met, their courtship, and royal romance.

However, with the big day of the wedding of the century being so close, I’m wondering if many Royal Family fans will ignore the Lifetime movie in favor of watching the real Prince William and Kate Middleton walk down the aisle of Westminster Abbey. Shops along the procession route of the royal bride and groom are renting space on their balconies for spectators to view the proceedings for over $150,000 per slot! It seems that real fans of Kate and William will be saving their energy for the wedding and ignore the movie that portrays the royal couple. Time will tell.

If you want all the juicy details about the royal courtship, the book A Royal Love Story will provide you will everything you ever wanted to know about how William and Kate met, dated, and got engaged! (And they actually got unofficially engaged long before their November 2010 announcement, as you will see in this book.)

Do you plan to watch Lifetime’s movie about William and Kate?

Have you purchased any royal wedding souvenirs yet? Do you plan to do so soon?.

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Although it’s been many years since women got the right to vote, there are still some archaic rules in the British Monarchy, namely the rules of succession which state that a male child has precedence over a female child in the line of succession to the throne. Currently, the law in the UK is governed by male-preference primogeniture. (Wikipedia explains this in great detail here.)

If the current law stands as is, then should William and Kate give birth to a girl next year and a boy the following year, the boy will be ahead of the girl in the line of succession to the crown. This rule was established in 1701 and entitled the The Act of Settlement 1701, and it still governs succession to the Throne to this very day.

Some people think that the line of succession is governed by age, but this is not the case. Prince William is younger than many of the other people behind him in the line of succession; however he is second in line to the throne because he is the son of Prince Charles who is first in line.

Princess Anne is the Queen’s oldest child, however, she is eighth in line to the throne because males go ahead of females in the totally unfair rules of succession! If the law would change to accomidate William and Kate’s first child who may be a girl, would Princess Anne move ahead of Prince Charles to be number one in line to the throne? That would put Prince William somewhere around number 8, which may make the public lose interest in Kate and put the spotlight onto Peter, Savannah, and Zara Phillips who are Anne’s children and grandchild!

It has been argued that the discrimination against women, Roman Catholics and those born out of wedlock means that the rules of succession are now illegal. Hmm, what do you do if the rulers of your country are breaking the law?

However, the law favoring males seems completely antiquated and sexist in the year 2011 as Prince William and Princess Kate marry and start a family. There has been talk in the Parliament about changing the law so that if Kate’s eldest child is a girl, she would be ahead of a younger brother in the line of succession. British Labour MP Keith Vaz is the man who has been a leader on this issue. He has introduced legislation, led debates in the House and written to many notables on the matter, including: the Queen, Prince William, and the Prime Minister, to name a few.

Now that the Royal Family has a website, a Facebook page, as well as a twitter account, it seems that the time is right for them to start treating baby girls with just as much respect as baby boys! And they can’t act too soon, as Kate may just give birth to the cutest new little member of the royal family in less than a year’s time!

All of this discussion assumes that Kate and William will procreate. How does that work in the Royal Family? Does the Queen order her children to become pregnant? What if the couple proves to be infertile? Would William and Kate adopt a child? Would an adoptive child be an heir to the throne? Here’s a fun scenario: What if William and Kate decide to adopt an African child who is also gay — I’d like to see the Queen’s reaction to that!.

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Over three-quarters of a billion people in seventy-four countries tuned in to watch Lady Diana Spencer marry Prince Charles. Over two billion people watched the funeral of the People’s Princess live on television. Which leaves us wondering: How many people will have viewed William and Kate’s wedding on April 29, 2011?

Predictions run the gamut from the same 750 million who watched Prince William’s parents marry in 1981 to over three billion people from various media experts.

Online search engine experts expect the nuptials of William and Kate to become the most Googled wedding of all time, which will break a record currently held by Khloe Kardashian and L.A. Lakers star Lamar Odom. Obviously, there is no Google data from 1981 to compare searches for Diana and Charles’ wedding searches to the current Royal Wedding web searches.

An interesting point made by media broadcasters is that the number of people who tune into the royal Wedding via computers, cell phones, and ipads may be far higher than the amount who watch it on television!

Princess Diana had royal blood, and her breeding was deemed perfect for the Prince of Wales. (Too bad that nobody cared to see if their personalities were a perfect match.) Unlike Diana, Kate was a commoner without any ties to royalty. The intrigue of an ordinary girl capturing the Prince’s heart and becoming a Princess — and then a Queen — is too magical a story for people to overlook. The fairy-tale aspect of William and Kate’s romance creates an aura of spellbinding excitement that just might bring a very significant percentage of the globe’s population to watch the wedding as it unfolds.

Interestingly, Princess Diana’s funeral was the most widely viewed live event in history, with over two million people who tuned in via television to watch the tragic event in 1997. In short order we will see if Diana’s eldest son, William, will break that viewing record.


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Kate Middleton's childhood home

Have you ever dreamed of living in a castle? There is a very low likelihood of one of the Royal Family’s palaces going on the market, so this just may be the next-best opportunity for you: Kate Middleton’s childhood abode that she called home until the age of 13 is now on the market. Located in the Berkshire village of Bradfield Southend, about 60 miles west of London, this It’s a Victorian villa features four bedrooms as well as a playroom and is reputed to be in the same condition as when the Middleton’s sold the property when Kate was 13 back in 1995.

There are a myriad of royal wedding souvenirs on stores’ shelves, yet this may be the most expensive one to hit the market: One very enterprising family plans to auction off Kate Middleton’s childhood home in May for £460,000 (that’s $742,000).

Princess Kate's childhood house

“It’s always possible that someone will buy it as an investment, because if Kate becomes queen someone might even want to open it as a museum one day and charge people to see it,” said auctioneer Dudley Singleton.

Princess Kate's childhood house

The Princess’ parents, Michael and Carole, bought the four-bedroom house for £34,700 in 1979 when they were both working for British Airways. Kate, the eldest of the three Middleton children, was born in 1982, and the family established the Party Pieces website that generated their fortune in 1987.

Around the corner, one can still see the village school that Kate attended briefly before moving on the exclusive St. Andrew’s School in Pangbourne.

This home, as well as the nearby school, are both part of the ‘Middleton Country’ bus tours which have attracted visitors from all over the world since Kate got engaged to Prince William.

Princess Kate's childhood house

Also in the news regarding Middleton real estate: Carole and Michael Middleton were recently spotted checking out $7 million Bolehyde Manor, a 14th-century mansion near Wiltshire. It features 11 bedrooms and three cottages, plus meticulously kept gardens and landscaping. Interestingly enough, this estate once belonged to Camilla Parker-Bowes.

Would you like to sleep in the future Queen’s bedroom and raise your children in Kate’s childhood home? Now is your chance! Contact auctioneer Dudley Singleton to place your bid on this charming villa.

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The fairy tale wedding may just have lost a bit of its magic:  Kate Middleton may actually sign a prenup before the Royal Wedding!  Oh, my!  That is like splashing ice water onto the dream of William and Kate living happily ever after.  Is there no magic left in real life?

Apparently British attorneys are warning the Royal Family that not all fairy tales have happy endings. Kate Middleton is set to wed Prince William on April 29, so there are just a few days left for the royal couple – and the lawyers who advise them – to make up their mind about whether a prenup ought to be signed before the wedding of the century.

As we have stated in our Protect Princess Kate video, it is worthwhile to heed the lessons of history. If you look at the Queen’s four children, you’ll notice that three of them have undergone terrible divorces. Prince Charles and Diana’s fairy tale marriage ended with great fanfare after years of adulterous behavior. Prince Andrew, who is fourth in line for the throne after Prince Harry, divorced the irrepressible Sarah Ferguson after just a few years of royal marriage. And Princess Anne also ended her marriage many years ago. (It is interesting to note that Prince Edward, who is married to the beautiful Sophie, is the most low-key of the Queen’s children — and his marriage has lasted the longest.)

The office of Prince William and St. Jame’s Palace refused to comment about whether the groom will sign a premarriage contract.

William stands to inherit over $450 million from the Queen, and has more money from Diana’s inheritance, as well as additional trusts and royal properties. While Kate comes from a wealthy family, as her parents have done very well with their Party Pieces website, she would need an arrangement that would allow her to keep up the standard of living of a princess. Additionally, lawyers advise the couple to have the agreement be reasonable so that it would not be challenged as unfair in the event of a divorce.

What can I say? Prince William and Princess Kate have dated for over nine years, with one 2007 short-lived breakup in their romance. It seems awfully dreadful to discuss a potential divorce during the planning of the greatest wedding of the century. On the other hand, fairy tales are for dreamers; people who live in reality should be somewhat realistic.

This leaves me wondering… it’s an awful thought, but in William and Kate do separate, will Royal Wedding souvenirs such as the Franklin Mint Princess Kate wedding bride doll go up or down in value? What do you think?

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