The royal bride has sparked a trend among women throughout the world who are asking their hairstylists to give them the “Kate haircut”. The new Princess’ regal chestnut tresses have been the subject of conversation for years, yet now the fascination with her locks has reached a fever pitch!

People Magazine’s site has a feature where anyone can try on ‘Princess Perfect hair‘! Users simply upload their photograph and the site’s software merges their face with Kate’s lovely locks!

(If only becoming a princess were as easy as getting a specific type of blowout. Sigh.)

Beauty shops around the globe are sharing professional tips about how to give their customers the royal Kate ‘do’. Jenine, a stylist in New York City, has reported, “at least thirty women request Princess Kate’s hair style every day, ever since William and Kate got engaged.” Another trend that beauticians are noticing is longer hair. Many of their patrons are skipping their regular haircuts and growing their hair longer, to be the same length as Kate’s lovely tresses. This would be one of those royal wedding souvenirs that need not be displayed on your mantel!

princess kate's hairstyle

Glamour magazine’s site has posted instructions for achieving that regal Kate look, which I’ll summarize below:

  • Blow-dry your hair using a large boar-bristle round brush, until it is about three-quarters dry.
  • Divide your hair into segments using soft clips.
  • Take one segment of hair at a time, and roll it around the brush, and hold the brush vertically.
  • Then, aim the hair dryer at that section of hair at the highest setting for a minute or two, until it is completely dry.
  • Gently remove the brush, without using the brush to comb through the lock of hair.
  • When you are done, gently brush your hair only about half-way down. Leave the ends un-brushed, so that you don’t separate the hairs and loosen the curls.

You’ll have gently waves at the bottom of your hair, and be completely ready to meet your Prince Charming!  Now it’s time to practice that royal flick of your hand to move your hair out of your eyes that we see Kate doing in video clips all the time!

One last tip — although it may set you back aver $100: Head to celebrity hairstylist Richard Ward’s salon, that’s where Princess Kate has been going for years.

P.S. Supposedly, the Queen told William to inform Kate that she ought to wear her hair up to the wedding. Kate responded, “Your grandmother is telling me how to wear my hair to my wedding?! Now I know what your Mom went through with this family.” Well, the royal wedding video will be here soon enough, and we will get a close look at how Kate chooses to wear her hair for the wedding day..

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