Absolutely breathtaking.

These lovely dolls of Her Royal Highness Princess Kate will be a treasured family heirloom for generations to come. Display your Princess Doll on your mantel and express your love for the newest princess to join the royal family. Without a doubt, a Princess Kate doll is the most magnificent of all the Royal Wedding souvenirs we have seen.

Order the Franklin Mint Princess Bride doll or the Bradford Exchange Princess Bride doll, both of which are sculptured and designed with meticulous detail!

A Royal Bride doll is a perfect gift for any girl or woman who admires Princess Kate. This is a doll that will stand the test of time, and be valued by toddlers and grandmothers alike in its classic beauty.

Fashioned in amazing likeness of Princess Kate’s facial features, beautiful dress, and even her famous sapphire engagement ring, this is a doll to treasure for every fan of the Royal Family. Even Kate’s chestnut waves have been superbly duplicated in these magnificent dolls!

Collectors still value the Princess Diana dolls that were manufactured in 1981 to celebrate last generation’s Royal Wedding, so you be sure that these Princess Kate dolls will become a valuable antique in coming years — buy one for display and another to keep in mint condition to sell at a massive profit in the future! .