Royal Wedding souvenirs are flying off the shelves of retailers in the UK, the USA, Canada, Australia, and many other countries! Manufacturers are struggling to meet the demand for Royal Wedding memorabilia, as these items are being purchased just as fast as they can be shipped to the retailers.

What are the most popular wedding souvenirs on the market?

China dinnerware takes top place, with plates, cups, and teapots decorated with the likeness of Prince William and Princess Kate are being sold so quickly that gift stores have long waiting lists for the items that are frequently out of stock.

Tea towels bearing the image of Princess Kate along with Prince William are another item which are particularly hot in the UK. These easy to care for Royal Wedding souvenirs do not demand the same level of care as the delicate china settings require, so they are popular with travelers who worry about fracturing dishes in their luggage. A towel is simple to pack and unlikely to chip when falling to the floor!
T-shirts of all sizes, colors, and messages are being snatched up at upscale boutiques and street vendors in cities from California to London and beyond! Some T-shirts are decorated with photos of William and Kate, while others offer congratulatory and patriotic messages to the royal couple.

Humorous T-shirts run the gamut from the ones containing unprintable words to messages such as, “Don’t do it, Kate!” or “Stay out of French tunnels, Kate!”.

For those who are tired of all the media coverage and hoopla surrounding the Royal Wedding, there are a variety of T-shirts that express your sentiments exactly: “Taxpayer funded royal wedding”, “The Royal Wedding: Who Cares?” and “William and Kate are getting married and all I got was this lousy T-shirt.”

There are a myriad of new books on the market, celebrating the marriage of William and Kate. I’ve read the majority of them, and am here to tell you that most of these books offer little more (oftentimes far less!) than the information you have already learned from your local magazine or website. One notable exception: William & Kate: A Royal Love Story expounds on years of juicy details, the excitement of the courtship, and the inside story from friends of Wills and Kate. If you are in the process of deciding which book to buy, and you hunger for substance, this is the tell-all royal romance book of the century!

A vast array of merchandise imprinted with William and Kate’s photos can be found at a variety of outlets. Key chains, tote bags, baseball caps, and even underwear can be purchased as Royal Wedding souvenirs!

What kind of Royal Wedding souvenirs would you like to see? Which ones will you be purchasing? Are they for yourself or a gift?

What am I going to get? Without a doubt, I must have a Princess Kate Wedding doll — absolutely breathtaking! And, I will definitely buy a DVD of the Royal Wedding video; a real-life fairy tale will add magic and celebration to my rather ordinary life!